As far as I'm concerned, "Artography" is a Photographic technique and form of rastering where no filters have been used and only light frequencies ( spectrum)  visible to the  human eye altered. This range allows interior decorators to use a wider variety of styles to frame the photographs/art to fit in with the taste fluctuations of clients. Subtle colours allow for larger colour variety when selecting boards and frame types. Colour ranges (within the photos) can also be altered for different clients. It allows for a modern tweak to old style architecture and old /classic /colonial style framing. The wildlife range thus now also allows nature to be included into a more colourful decoration. (Not the natural even earthy colours of the natural spectrum.) The style also allows old monuments or other architecture to truly reflect or express the inner emotions...something always difficult to express to others in words.

The same style is preferred by some on all pets including horses for a different retro look beyond the norm.