How to make money from photography is most probably the least explored photographic subject in the world as every one with a camera thinks you cant make money with your hobby.On the other hand serious photographers commonly wrestle with the question whether they should pack up their day job? This coaching session helps photographers with a strategy to pay back some of the equipment bills. It is not teaching you to use your camera or how to edit  but an overview of photography as a business.

Seminar . – What the pros don't like to tell you. R2900 Fri 13 June. 13;00- 18;00 at Kleinmond

Isn't it time to start paying off those equipment bills. Some subjects covered;

1.       Systems approach to photography

What to photograph?

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

2.       Marketing, marketing errors and marketing tools

3.       Social media, administration, personal management.

4.       How to capture, manage and price  a best seller Ethics

5.       What to sell?

6.       Fine art photography.

7.       Different mediums for display.

8.       Editing principles for the serious photographer.