This image was captured in the middle of the Karoo on a desolate station. I captured images for about 1 hour racing to finish due to the fact that it was dangerous on the railroad tracks. Truth be told I never saw a train along this tracks besides the wrecks of the train crash the month before a few kilometers up the track that made head news.The bright colours of paint used around the station is a juxtaposition with the rest of The country as far as I'm concerned . Here there's almost no traffic but the up keeping is magnificent. Or the painting at least as the terminal buildings toilets etc are long been shut.
I have been threatening to take this picture for almost 15 years. I think Coca Cola should be proud of this station. On a hot summers day when I travel along these tracks and see this coke shop I will jump from the train at full speed without a doubt.
 Cropped to enhance the lines and retouched by my retouch artist Hardus. There was a vehicle parked behind the blue fence and had to be removed amongst others..Camera-any; lens-10-20mm, no filters, tripod. poor lighting during midday sun.Post editing 24 hours.