A few miles further this station has always intrigued me as well.I have never seen a train at the station and always thought it was very aesthetic. But time or the rush to get the trip behind me prevented me from stopping and capturing its essence. The bright colours caught my eye first of course as well as the vintage look. It must also be of the oldest stations in the country and no doubt seen some pretty classy dresses and suites of travelers that used it on the way to the North and back. There was no one at the station during the time I spend capturing it. The lines and colors were used. The different colours of the rocks -obviously old and new added a extra dimension to the lines. The new rocks were dumped as a result of the floods they experienced in the Karoo. A train derailed  two months earlier just a stone trow away down the track as a result of the soil that washed away from under the tracks. 10-20 mm lens was used.