The last few years Fine art Images in the platinum gallery such as "The last ranger" that won various awards, Urikaruus cloud , Sossusvlei collection amongsts others sold well and investments increased favorably. They also  represent me well on office and home walls across the globe. This year was good to me and the latter halve of the year allowed me to create a few additional images that will without doubt overtake these giants of the past. As a matter of fact I have created the most additional fine art work in the first halve of this year that I ever produced in six months.  No wonder I also worked the hardest and traveled the most. More than one third of the days were spend away from home travelling, scouting and creating images. These new images include amongst others the flagships  "Garden of Edens Forbidden tree" , "Eves tree", "My beach" , "Mooiplaas waterhole" and "Wagon eater" in Black and White and colour.  This years
recently added creations to the Platinum range are even more awesome.  They can be seen in the Platinum album on
the website. Off course there will be the unexpected fine art images that will surprise me with the public's reaction as it always happens with photographers. It is one of the surprises to see the response to the newly created images. Sometimes they are not even printed and are discovered years later. Lets wait and see. Then there are the Images of the railroads along the N1 that are some of my all time favorites without a doubt. The most surprising or biggest lesson however was the fact that most of my top images without a doubt were created within 10 kilometers of my home each time. Even after staying at each location for many years travelling past the scenes that blew me away ultimately. The stories of the creation of each artwork  will follow in sequence.