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The Guinea fowl groom- Kruger Photographic workshop

Posted by Joe Lategan on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, In : Kruger National Park July 2013 

Right next to the road and close to a herd of elephant I saw a group of guinea fowl grooming in front of me and their relaxed manner was due to the cool temperatures  and overcast conditions that were fast disappearing as the sun was starting to break  through the clouds after light rain the morning. I sat and observed them for a while and noticed a certain behaviour that I could never capture before. Not that I'm a specialist on fowl but it intrigued me. Every  now and then one individual wo...

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Mopani's In the Kruger Park

Posted by Joe Lategan on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, In : Kruger National Park July 2013 

Photographing Mopani trees in the Kruger Park.

The coloured Mopani‚Äôs are without a doubt one of the most beautiful backgrounds one get  during winter with the wildlife as main subject matter in The Kruger National Park. Or if you are lucky and work hard enough on their own as they are definitely beautiful enough to compare with the mega predators on photos or landscapes elsewhere.

To me the most beautiful sight throughout my July 2013  trip was the wonderful fall colours the Mopani tre...

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