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Posted by Joe Lategan on Thursday, February 6, 2014, In : Joe Lategan General 

As far as I'm concerned, "Artography" is a Photographic technique and form of rastering where no filters have been used and only light frequencies ( spectrum)  visible to the  human eye altered. This range allows interior decorators to use a wider variety of styles to frame the photographs/art to fit in with the taste fluctuations of clients. Subtle colours allow for larger colour variety when selecting boards and frame types. Colour ranges (within the photos) can also be altered for differen...

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Joe Lategan in General

Posted by Hardus Lategan on Wednesday, December 30, 2009, In : Joe Lategan General 
As a extreme lover of "life" especially the outdoors, Joe  has captured some of the most beautiful fine art landscapes and wildlife images in Southern Africa on camera.

Specialising in fine art photography of wildlife, seascapes and landscapes as well as fishing, travel and adventure photography .Film productions of  travel, fishing, wildlife, and adventure, animals and pet photos amongst others as well as specialized wedding photography.

“With more than 30 TV broadcasts and award winning...

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About Me

Joe Lategan I am a extreme lover of the "creation", and hater of destruction thereof. Photography allows me to share in a deeper dimension than words with fellow men/women, my feelings in this regard. I am a inspirational speaker on the sustainability of the environment and and creation. On the other hand I present, consult and drive Cost leadership programs (including Disaster/ emergency preparedness and systems analysis,risk and ethics) for corporations