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Head On - Gemsbok fight

Posted by Joe Lategan on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 Under: Stories behind Fine art Images from my Platinum collection
Head on
The Gemsbok or Oryx in Southern Africa is a fierce opponent to even lion and it is said that they can hit a small rock thrown at it's head spot on with the horns everytime. When threatened they move their backs into bushes and kill even lion attempting to prey on it. When two male Gemsbok fight it is thus a match that remind one of a toe to toe boxing match between Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano.To get the two antelope in the same image when they connect each other is extremely difficult. If one use a wider angle lens its easier but I wanted to show the close up intensity of the head clashed and th ecrossing of horns and had to wait around 6 years to get this  shot.There is a bit more to the image than meets the eye. To start with Compare the sizes of the two antelope. Then compare the horn sizes and lenths. Then ask yoursel which one is the leader of the pack and wich one the challenger? and.......! The image was digitally Scanned form fujichrome film.

In : Stories behind Fine art Images from my Platinum collection 

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