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Posted by Joe Lategan on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 Under: Stories behind Fine art Images from my Platinum collection

This house next to the N1 is one of the last close to Leeu Gamka and I have always been marveling at its Ambiance when I travel through the Karoo. There's something special in it. The white paint that have not been eroded away is bright white with the pastel red and bright reds of the roof. When I finally decided to photograph it I stood on the veranda and saw life as the owner saw it for a few minutes with the vehicles racing by on the N1. I could see the dog lying on the stoep and for a while went down to see the house and everything from his perspective.It turned out fine and a well loved image. The house is now providing shelter for lots of homeless people as the cardboard boxes and ash from the fires can be seen dotting the floors . A 10-20mm lens and polariser was used. I wonder how long the house will still be standing as the construction companies that work on the road are using it for storage I think.. The sheet metal also were imported from overseas and no doubt traveled by ox wagon from some of our ports.I wonder who lived here and what the history is of this master piece that must date from late 1800's to early 1900's  

In : Stories behind Fine art Images from my Platinum collection 

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