"Tourism Risk Management"

Joe Lategan at one stage managed Risk at 22 Casino’s and resorts on an operational level in 10 different countries in Southern Africa each with its own set of legalities, business requirements and logistical and political challenge, as risk manager for Sun International Resorts and casinos. During the period (80’s and early 90,s) of extreme political turmoil in the areas where Sun International Hotels and Casinos have been located (old homelands) before regulation of the industry, Joe Lategan gained unequalled experience in Disaster, Crises and Loss control management both locally and abroad. Joe’s experience in managing crises’ such as Boycotts, Civil disorders, Industrial action, major terrorist attacks, civil liabilities, explosions, Robberies and other serious crimes such as major frauds and thefts cannot easily be equalled within the international Tourism industry. Joe designed cutting edge Control, safety and surveillance systems for various new Casino/resorts and other industries in Southern Africa. (Arguably the largest and most modern camera rooms in Africa and as good as the best in the rest of the developed world). These include amongst others Grand West, Boardwalk and the Windmill.  Many celebrities, Heads of State and Conferences of a very important International profile have been secured by Joe over the years. Joe still consults with major groups of companies and regulatory authorities from "design to disaster".

First and Oldest “Wilderness Raft Fishing” company in South Africa"

As an absolute believer that South Africa’s Orange River is one of the most scenic and unique rivers in the world, Joe designed inflatable boats specifically for floating/drifting (small motorised)  down the Orange River on our remotest waters in South Africa. It still ranks as one of the most memorable fly fishing and Eco experiences on the continent and the world .

 "Sponsor of First “Yellowfish Telemetry Study”

 in South Africa"Joe was a founder sponsor of the "Yellowfish telemetry study" done at the farm “Wag n Bietjie” on the Vaal river. A dedicated conservationist of the water cycle and the creatures within and around, Joe assisted the scientist on location and supervisors with this ground breaking project. Joe handled the professional photography and media related issues and ensured the increased awareness of the yellowfish’s status with recreational/sport fishermen and the public at large. (As he still does on a permanent basis.) As a result Joe designed and administer the "yellowfish conservation" and "yellowfish research" web pages. Joe s opinions and knowledge on these issues have been published in various magazines and broadcasted on International TV on many occasions. 

"First filming of Yellowfish spawning behaviour and telemetry in South Africa"

Joe was the first to sponsor and to  film and broadcast on National TV the spawning behaviour of the smallmouth yellowfish in South Africa. He also produced the first DVD on yellowfish telemetry in the world!

"Authority on Catfish"

Joe around 1990 set out to challenge the myths and legends around the allegedly monstrous size of the catfish in South African waters. After a yearlong research he picked the topographical locations he thought should produce the largest catfish and within 30 minutes smashed the South African record of 33 kilograms with his first 5 fish. The largest being 41 kilograms. After appearing in various Television broadcasts on Catfish fishing , as well as his intimate knowledge of catfish species, he has rightfully been named “CatfishJoe” by the broader public. Joe still has the oldest and only true specialised professional "Catfish Adventure" business on the continent.

"Indigenous fishing"

Due to his dedication to preserve the yellowfish and other indigenous fish species Joe founded, sponsored and designed a web page dedicated to indigenous fishing and consult on these developments.

"Indigenous fishing and eco tourist developments"

With the laws on Biodiversity and the increased awareness of the environment, tourist developments focuss inreasingly on indigenous Fauna and Flora. As an extension to the Indigenous fishing brand, Joe with his background in 5 star International tourism developments and knowlege on yellowfish, consults and develops indigenous fishing/aquatic tourist developments.

"Photographer and Multi-media specialist"

After his full time career in International tourism Joe Started “Catfish Joe Productions”. With several international awards for his still photography under the belt including the International AGFA wildlife and GALLERY awards he proceeded to include filming into his portfolio as well as other media.

"Kgalagadi Photography"

Joe’s love and intimate knowledge of the ecology of this desert, especially the Auob river bed in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is well respected even by scientists specialising in this untouched biodiversity. Kgalagadi Photography is photographic tours for the serious and professional photographer that requires the most detailed knowledge of their subjects while filming in this wildlife photographers haven.

"Wildlife filming and cinematography - With the “smallest carbon footprint in the world”

Over the past three years Joe as sole sponsor has been busy filming and producing the first ecological study over all three seasons on the Auob river bed in The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. A 1 hour TV documentary and 1 ½ hour cinema cut is near completion. The "Worlds Wildest River".

"Travel TV online-series"

Joe through “Catfish Joe Productions” recently launched the first South African Web based Television series called "Rods Pots and Pictures"

"Largest High Quality fishing web videos on the continent"

Joe launched a Fishing video channel that contains top quality fishing videos.