DIASEC® is a patented frameless archival photographic mounting procedure that originated in Europe four decades ago. The Dutch company that owns the patent has only awarded 9 licences to perform the procedure in the last two decades, with the most recent being awarded to our framers here in Cape Town. This licence not only guarantees exclusivity of the procedure in South Africa, but also in the African continent as a whole. It is also the first licence to be awarded in the Southern Hemisphere. 

What makes DIASEC® so special? 

A photographic print is cold-mounted onto DiBond, an archival substrate consisting of a sheet of composite foam compressed between two sheets of aluminium. This gives the substrate incredible rigidity while keeping it light weight. A sheet of archival acrylic glass (Perspex) is then mounted onto the print using a specialised silicone adhesive, essentially sandwiching the print between the DiBond and acrylic glass. The combination of archival acrylic glass and specialised silicone renders an impressive UV resistance of 98%, giving a DIASEC® mount a guaranteed life span of 30 years and longer.

The archival properties of the DIASEC® procedure have made it the benchmark when displaying photographs in galleries and museums across Europe.