Joe Lategan's Unique 17 Point Warrantee

 You receive these 17 warranties with your Joe Lategan artwork

1. All artwork are printed with best quality inks that are guaranteed between 80 and 200 years.           

2. A4 and A3 Prints are exact smaller prints of Master images of A1 and A0 sizes available.

3. A percentage of the sales will be reinvested into the various conservation /social projects where relevant.

4. You have the choice of selecting your favourite photographs framed or unframed.

5. You can ask to have your photographs framed by me.

6. You can choose between a selection of frames and matting to complement your artwork.

7. Personalised assistance with your choices of selected images and framing options at our costs either on line, telephonically or physical.

8. We guide your selection of frames and matting by designing combinations that best suits your individual choices.

9. Each photograph is mounted and matted to museum standards. Matts are 4ply window matts; bevel cut by hand each matt is cut to standard frame size so you can insert it directly into your favourite frame size. Or you can get custom frame sizes.(If you choose this)

10. Each print is made by a master printer or under my supervision so that you can get exceptional qualities of light, shadow and colour.

11. Each photograph is personally signed by me. Limited editions are signed and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the value of your investment.

12. I can personalise your photograph so that it is a unique keepsake of your visit and reminds you of meeting me in person each time you see it. (If and sold to you personally by me)

13. I will personally explain to you where your photograph was taken at what time of the year it was created as well as discuss many other unique aspects of your specific selection. This background knowledge will make your artwork more interesting when explaining to family and friends as well as increase the investment value.

14. I will give you a copy of my biography and artists statement.

15. I will give you my number and email address to contact me any time about your artwork or related subject.

16. My artwork can be shipped to you and your package will be insured and traceable. If you prefer to have your artwork shipped.

17. When you purchase one of my photographs you not only purchase an exquisite piece of artwork to decorate your home or office with, you also purchase a lifetime of knowledge and memories, the unique once in a lifetime sentiments captured within the artwork.