I want to invite you to join me on a close, personal, unique and exclusive practical informal workshop in the Kruger National Park  especially for photographers. 

Content of program

1. Fundamentals and all basics of all aspects and genres - macro, landscape, night and astro , action, wildlife nature etc.

2. Practical daily sessions and post production critique. So you will be enjoying the park as well.

3. The systems approach to photography (World first). This is the only method in the world that can determine where you and your talent fit in amongst the thousands of others in the country or the world and how to strategise your growth.

3.1 Where do I stand as photographer?

3.2 What are my weaknesses strengths, opportunities and threats?

3.3 Where to and how to from here?

3.4 Etiquette.

4. How do I make money with my images?

5. How do I market my images?

6. My social networks and other platforms. What to do to maximise instead of reducing my personal image.

7. My website and how to optimise the site.

8. Basics of web design. The quick way even if you are not that computer literate. Or alternative ways of displaying on the World Wide Web.

9. The right equipment for the job.

10 Image enhancements and retouching

11. The deeper side of photography.

13. Any other obstacles, challenges, and questions you have.


Book your own accommodation or share a chalet. Please notify me should you prefer to share a chalet with others. (It works out cheaper and practical as it groups photographers together and allow for good communication about the days shoot)

Booking Form

Kruger Park- Mopanie

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Mopani rest camp

You bring

Your camera equipment, food and beverages, laptop and all other necessities. 


You will arrange your own accommodation.

Price per night or persons booking through us and sharing 6 bed cottages will be R990.00.

Please confirm to joe@catfishjoe.co.za (first come first serve basis will apply with regret)

Once you have confirmed a 50% deposit will apply and you must forward your 10 best images to me (not only wildlife if you don’t do wildlife only)