Naledi Sun Restaurant images.

 I have the privilege of re-decorating Naledi Sun Casino's restaurant and front of house with new fine art images depicting the culture and scenery of the Basotho's and their territory.The hotel is  part of the Sun International group situated in the historical village of Thaba Nchu. Naledi Sun is situated on the N8 between Lesotho (Maseru)and Bloemfontein and a very nice stopover as far as I'm concerned. Capturing the images in Lesotho and the surrounding area of  Thaba Nchu turned out to be one of my most rewarding in many years. I am still searching for a few images but have received good feedback so far. The town of Thaba Nchu played an extremely important part in civilising South Africa.Read about it in my blog

Read more on about the capturing and the images in my blog.